Released From Darkness: Making Disciples in the Indiana State Prison

There are hundreds of people from outside the Church that are finding Jesus.
— CRM staff member Phil Alessi

The transformation that only Jesus brings was spreading like wildfire through the Indiana prison. A dorm full of gang members, drug dealers, and murderers had become known as the “God-dorm.” This was a gospel movement made up of prisoners who were finding and following Jesus and it was changing their lives.

It all began with one prison inmate who asked to meet with "Papa Phil"...

Watch the video to hear this amazing gospel movement story.

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Discovery Bible Studies, like the ones discussed in the video, are a powerful way to invite people to connect with God on their own turf, alongside others in their social network. And they're simple enough that even children can learn to lead them. Request our free Discovery Bible Study Toolbox to get started.


God is using ordinary people to share the gospel with powerful results. This story is just one example of what we call a gospel movement. Check out the links below for more on gospel movements...

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