2017 Ministry Highlights: London, Cambodia, US New England, West Africa [Photoblog]

Using innovative strategies to reach the nations with the good news of Jesus, CRM works to create movements of committed followers of Jesus that spread contagiously along relational and cultural lines—believing these gospel movements have the potential to transform whole towns, cities, and nations.

Here are a few places around the world that we are seeing these gospel movements take shape. We thank God for all he’s doing, and pray for more!



In London, we are seeing the initial stages of a gospel movement emerging through a movement of prayer. As our team trains and raises up believers into mission in the city, they are encountering many prayer warriors who have been interceding for the UK for decades. These believers are beginning to gather and gain momentum. Other believers are joining in the movement, prayer-walking strategically through neighborhoods, and seeing situations change: drug kingpins brought to justice, crime levels dropping in the areas where they pray, new doors for ministry being thrown open, and countless opportunities to share the good news of Jesus.




A gospel movement is spreading through Cambodia’s youth and out into families and villages. They are going out onto the streets at night to share about Jesus with other children because of what God has done in their hearts. The School of Worship, a ministry done in partnership with CRM staff and the Cambodian ministry, Hard Places Community in Phnom Penh, is at the center of this movement. The youth are meeting Jesus in prayer and worship, taking worship and prayer onto the streets, and even catalyzing cultural transformation in some of the darkest corners of the city where children are in the most danger. The gospel movement is spreading to other parts of Cambodia. Earlier this year a second School of Worship was launched in another major city where children are highly vulnerable.


New England


God is moving in New England. While 80% or more of New Englanders don’t attend traditional churches, our staff have discovered that people are still spiritually hungry. After three years of investing strategically in relationships, a Disciple Making Movement has started gaining momentum. There are now multiple (non-staff) teams of believers emerging as well as several discovery groups of spiritual seekers exploring the Bible together. This includes groups of students on college campuses, among artists and working professionals, and even those skeptical about God. Many people who have been far from God and living in an area that is highly secular are starting to discover Jesus personally! These discovery groups have replicated multiple times, forming new groups with more people, and continuing to grow. The believers working alongside CRM in Boston have seen multiple people come to faith in Jesus, and now the movement is spreading into other towns and cities of New England as well.


West Africa


After being trained in Disciple Making Movements by CRM, Sabo (name changed) transformed his ministry of discipling young people through soccer by using DMM strategies. Sabo connects with youth with difficult or challenging backgrounds, the majority of whom are unbelievers from drug-and crime-infested communities. He coaches them to become not only successful soccer players but also obedient disciples of Jesus with reformed characters and a sense of responsibility. He’s now coaching and discipling 120 boys. Sabo calls the key leaders—the ones who are bringing new kids to soccer practice—his “Boys of Peace.”


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