The Power of Calling: God's Plan to Touch the World Through You

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“God has shaped every single one of us to make a unique contribution to his Kingdom agenda in the world.” -Gary Mayes

Are you longing to be invested in something you would give your life to? Have you been able to clarify what that place of purpose would be for you?

What if you could sit down to coffee with a couple of people whose life work has been helping people, just like you, discover and pursue their unique life calling? Well, today, through our podcast on calling, you can do just that.

Who’s in the Room

This podcast is a call recorded a while back with two of CRM’s top experts on calling. (This was a live call, so don’t be surprised if you hear a few extra background noises.) In this interview, they answer questions like, “What is calling?” “Why does calling matter?” and “Where can you start to figure out your own call?”

  • Gary Mayes leads the branch of CRM known as ChurchNEXT, which has a unique focus on equipping the Church for mission.

  • David Zimmerman facilitates workshops on calling called reFOCUSING, that have helped hundreds of leaders and entire churches step more fully into God’s Kingdom purposes.

The Highlight Reel

Here are a couple highlights of what you’ll find in the podcast.

“...Calling, coming from scripture, is an attempt to actually answer two fundamental questions. The first one is, ‘What has God called me to be?’ And the second one, ‘What has God called me to do?’ When my clarity comes from those questions, it's a tremendous motivating factor, and it helps set up the destiny for which I've been created” (David).

“The place you start is by taking a look at the journey God has had you on. It's about finding his fingerprints throughout our path, and realizing that because he's involved in our lifelong development, he's been involved all the way along, and his involvement really points us to that calling … one of the places for all of us to lean into is the brokenness we've experienced in our lives. As a culture, we want to hide our brokenness. We want to dress up well, and yet the reality is that brokenness, the areas of deep sorrow and failure, are often the seedbed that God uses, out of which he grows our calling—he gives us the sensitivity to something redemptive” (Gary).

Are you ready to join the conversation?

Five Simple Questions to Get You Started

Here are five great questions Gary shares in the discussion that will jump-start your discernment process.

  1. When I think about the difference I would really like to make in peoples' lives, that difference is ___________, because ___________.

  2. When I look at the needs of my community, my school, my workplace, I am drawn to doing something about these specific needs: ___________.

  3. People say I'm most often used by God when I am ____________.

  4. Though I've dismissed the thought many times in my life, many times I felt I really should do ___________.

  5. If I knew I wouldn't fail, the thing I would do for the sake of the Kingdom is ___________.