Novo is a band of creative missionaries sent to multiply movements of the gospel and mobilize the church for mission around the world.

We work to accomplish this mission through:


Prayer pervades every aspect of what we do—it is a critical part of laying the foundation and creating the conditions for movements of the gospel. Prayer that catalyzes movements operates comfortably in the supernatural, expecting signs and wonders, dealing with spiritual warfare, and knowing how to appropriate the manifest presence of the Holy Spirit. This includes prayer walking, intercession, healing, and other forms of strategic prayer.

Evangelism & Discipleship

Our teams help people far from God become committed followers of Jesus and then make disciples of others. Such multiplication is at the heart of our understanding of discipleship and spiritual growth. While the history of the church contains many evangelism and discipleship models, we practice an organic discovery process which requires minimal expertise and is easily reproduced regardless of the setting.

Leader Development

Unless leaders are developed intentionally, movements will inevitably run out of steam. Movement leaders exhibit a wide array of gifting, and all are necessary to guide and build ministry momentum that will extend beyond themselves. It is imperative that these leaders know how to identify new leaders and effectively coach, mentor, and launch them into ministry.

Church Forming

Historically, every movement of the gospel has two essential structures that work collaboratively with one another: the missionary and local forms of church. Missionary structures like Novo are always in the mix. And healthy local church expressions—not institutions—also emerge and multiply to steward the fruit of the movement. In all our ministry efforts, the functions of a healthy church are coded into the values and structure from the beginning. We also help new and established church expressions thrive missionally.

Cultural Transformation

Cultural transformation is the inevitable result of the kingdom of God permeating society. Such transformation occurs when the Spirit’s redemptive work overturns injustice and breaks the power of systemic sin. While there is always change when the kingdom of God, through the people of God, touches a culture, it is only when all components of gospel movement are present that cultural change has a lasting impact.