Prime partners with Novo teams to capture God’s heart for our regions. We listen to hear directly from him to inform our goals & strategies. We work to remove spiritual barriers so persons of peace can be found. We open doors through inner and physical healing, see hearts softened through strategic intercession, and break open spaces for people to connect with and worship God.

Prime is rooted in one simple conviction—when everything we do flows from intimacy with Jesus and our strategies come directly from God, the gospel movements we long to see will become reality.

Prime is is comprised of five teams, each representing a different expression of prayer:

Prime Strategic

Prime Strategic trains up leaders who take and hold territory for the ongoing advancement of God’s Kingdom. Through strategic discernment and prayer, spiritual barriers are removed, bringing freedom to land and people groups in preparation for gospel movement.

Prime Healing

Prime Healing empowers us to spark and sustain gospel movements by facilitating focused healing for specific areas that inhibit ministry impact and equipping us to offer tangible solutions to the pain and suffering in those we serve.

Prime Worship

Prime Worship leads us into deeper intimacy with Jesus by inviting us to dwell in God’s presence, listen to the Spirit’s guidance for mission and break through spiritual strongholds that hinder our participation in the movement of God around the world.

Prime Intercession

Prime Intercession contends for breakthrough on behalf of teams and regions, listens to discern strategy for mission, and collaborates with teams to create intercessory networks in their context for the global expansion of the Kingdom of God.

Prime Prophetic

Prime Prophetic helps us receive the divine strategy necessary for gospel movements to succeed by inviting us into deeper intimacy with Jesus, encouraging a posture of receptivity and availability to God’s voice, and equipping us to work together to leverage prophetic insights for tangible ministry impact.