The Vida Truck: Restoring Lives Through Pancakes


When I was doing inner-city ministry, I discovered that one third of kids in the US are growing up without their fathers. The ramifications of that are splashed all over the headlines: you hear about homeless youth, incarceration rates, drug abuse, teenage pregnancy, emotional problems. And these things often have their roots in fatherlessness.

The food truck project is really about a way for me, as a father figure, to get to spend as much time as possible with young adults who’ve grown up without their fathers. I’m using a business, with the Holy Spirit working in it, to bring wholeness and healing to kids from broken backgrounds, so they can become stable in character—and then use the food truck, which is all about people and building community, to bring about transformation in a city.

Watch this video to hear more about the Vida Food Truck project to restore youth.

The Vida Food Truck officially launched half a year ago, and is making an impact in the community in even more ways than we anticipated—including opportunities to influence and pastor other food truck operators. One evening after the launch, a food truck owner (not a believer) who had been watching the Vida Truck closely came up to me: “You see my food truck? It’s all about commerce. But then I look at yours. Do you know what yours is all about? Love. Yours is all about love.”

We are so grateful for God’s love, filling us and overflowing through us in Vida.

An Invitation From Alastair


What if your food purchase did more than meet your family’s dietary needs and preferences?  What if it could serve a movement of the gospel?

At Vida Pancakes, Alastair has carefully crafted both REGULAR and GLUTEN FREE versions of pancake and waffle mix. They are packed with whole grains, flaxseed AND great flavor. Not only that, but we intentionally employ young men from broken backgrounds and use the business as a beautiful environment for life transformation.

Your purchase ensures great pancakes your whole family will love AND the satisfaction of knowing you helped fund a movement of fatherhood.

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Alastair Rundle and his wife Catherine have three kids and live in Redding, CA. They disciple young adults from broken backgrounds through their business, The Vida Truck.