No Little People, No Little Places: A Disciple Making Movement Takes Off in Boston


I met Becca* about two years ago in a small congregation. She was a homeschooling mother with a desire to be involved in God’s purposes in the world, but wasn’t sure what that could look like for her.

I challenged Becca to get involved with reaching our city with the good news of Jesus, and encouraged her that relationships she already had could be the foundation of a disciple making movement—a mighty move of God.

Becca agreed to let me train her in basic Disciple Making Movement strategies. She caught a vision for how this simple Bible-focused, relationship-driven approach to evangelism might really work. She started to see some of her current relationships through different eyes.

After learning about Disciple Making Movements, Becca decided to take action.

She decided to try to launch a Discovery Bible Study with some friends. When I asked her what got her started, she explained, “I saw an opportunity because I have two friends who could meet at the same time and live close to each other. One is a good friend of mine who I’ve known for many years. Another is a friend of a friend, so I hardly know her. But I saw an opportunity, so I figured I’d ask.”

“I asked, and just prayed, ‘God if this is meant to be, then let her be open.’ She was.

Becca shared that the first discovery Bible group meeting with these two non-believing women “was amazing. It didn’t go at all as I expected, but I think that’s a good thing. My close friend had to leave early. But the other person, who I hardly knew, sat down immediately after shutting the door, and started asking me all these questions. She said, ‘Becca, what’s the meaning of life?’ God is totally working in her, and she’s totally seeking. It was awesome.”

I asked Becca what her thoughts were about the next group meeting. She had an enthusiastic response. “I’m looking forward to seeing how God is going to work. He just does his thing, and it’s not my agenda at all.”

One week after our conversation, I got an excited text from Becca.

Hey Joe, Thought you might be interested in knowing that Amy* (one of the women from my group), committed her life to Christ!! Yippee! What an amazing weekend! God’s Spirit was moving so powerfully. I left asking myself, "What just happened?!"

The group had only met a couple of times before Amy said yes to Jesus.

A few days later Becca sent me another text.

Hi guys, I just came from Amy’s house. She has not had any pain in her shoulder since we prayed on Sunday! Not only was her soul saved, but her body healed!!!! Woohoooooo! Also, Kamari’s* time is coming! She was weeping when we were reading the word! Thank you both for encouraging me to do this discovery group. My faith is being built up and I am ON FIRE!!! :)

Several weeks later, Kamari shared with Becca that “she [wanted] to give her soul to Jesus.” When I asked Becca what that meant, she explained the depth of desire Kamari was experiencing in wanting to make this decision.

Becca continues to reach out for mentoring and we are working with her on forming a team that will launch other groups among their friendship circles.

It has taken three years of investing in the Boston area to see momentum start to build, but now that the “ball is rolling,” fruit is springing up very quickly. Many believers are starting discovery groups, and we are working to connect them to each other for support and encouragement. I wait with expectation to see how God will continue to advance his Kingdom through the lives of his people in New England. It’s a privilege to be part of that story.

Making It Personal

Renowned Christian apologist Francis Schaeffer wrote, “In God's sight there are no little people and no little places. Only one thing is important: to be consecrated persons in God's place for us, at each moment.” The place God has you is significant. Have you invited him to use you to share the gospel in that place?

Next Steps

  • Commit your life and place to Jesus. Ask him why he has placed you where you are. Listen for his answer. Respond to what you hear.

  • Learn more about Disciple Making Movements. You can read about some of the foundational steps on this blog, and learn how to lead a Discovery Bible Study here.

  • Connect with a movement mentor to launch a Disciple Making Movement in your city. Request to be connected with one by emailing us at

*Names in this story have been changed.


Joe Reed and his wife Natalie live with their three kids in Boston, MA. They are passionate to see real Disciple Making Movements emerge throughout New England and the world.