2017 Ministry Highlights: Oxford, Arizona, South Africa, Romania [Photoblog]

Using innovative strategies to reach the nations with the good news of Jesus, CRM works to create movements of committed followers of Jesus that spread contagiously along relational and cultural lines—believing these gospel movements have the potential to transform whole towns, cities, and nations.

Here are a few places around the world that we are seeing these gospel movements take shape. We thank God for all he’s doing, and pray for more!




CRM is launching a training “hub” in Oxford, UK, to raise up new leaders for gospel movement. The HUB will be a center of evangelistic activity—partnering with churches and other ministries for outreach—and also a training base to develop leaders for movement. The HUB plans to launch an internship program to train high potential European leaders in evangelism and disciple making then release them back into their communities equipped for movement. CRM hopes to launch similar hubs in major metropolitan areas across Europe, expanding the reach of this strategic training and the potential gospel movements that will follow throughout the European continent.




In Phoenix, the foundations of a gospel movement are expanding rapidly. God is bringing an incredible spirit of unity and partnership among Christian leaders, all with a desire to launch gospel movements in their cities. Ministry leaders from different places, different churches, and different mission organizations are locking arms in strategic collaboration to maximize the impact of each other’s ministries. Evangelical leaders from Phoenix’s east side are teaming up with those from the west. Both are teaming up with leaders from Tucson and others from Prescott, all for the purpose of igniting Disciple Making Movements throughout Arizona and the greater Southwestern US, especially among refugees and in the most high-risk, economically disadvantaged areas. CRM staff have responded to this movement of God’s Spirit by equipping these leaders in Disciple Making Movement strategies in multiple cities, and launching a statewide cohort to further train and network these leaders together—many of whom have never partnered together to fulfill the Great Commission before. This leadership cohort will help ignite and steward the Disciple Making Movement that’s beginning to take root.


South Africa


As CRM staff invested in ministry among the poor in South Africa, they saw the necessity of developing the young leaders of the community. Given simple tools to study the Bible and share Jesus, these leaders formed new groups to discover God’s truth. Sello teaches soccer to the boys of his neighborhood and introduces them to Jesus. Tryphina, Jennifer, and their friends lead an increasing circle of youth in prayer and outreach in their township and beyond. Jonathan mentors high schoolers in the Bible and in skills that will help them in life. These young people have since multiplied the work of the gospel far beyond what a handful of missionaries could ever hope to accomplish on their own. Developing local leaders in their identity in Christ, cultivating their ability to dig into scripture and pray, and mobilizing them for outreach into their community with practical acts of love and service were keys to launching this movement.




In Romania, a successful business owner, Zsolt, had a God encounter that led him to sell his possessions and train to become a pastor. He contacted CRM staff for mentoring in his growth as a ministry leader. In the midst of planting multiple churches, God called him to engage the marginalized Roma (Gypsy) community in his region. Within a few months Zsolt had 14 men ready to be baptized, followed by their wives. When Zsolt realized there wasn’t a single toilet for the 350-400 Romas in this community, he organized “Operation Outhouse.” This community development project, with Romanians and Romas working side-by-side, wound up in the news and caught the attention of the government, which gave Szolt the ear of the local government leaders. They got behind Zsolt’s vision of hope, and instead of handling “the gypsy problem” with bulldozers as was happening elsewhere in the country, they gave Zsolt land to build a church and an after-school center to invest in the community. Zsolt dreams of not only sharing the good news of Jesus in an effective way with the Romas but also breaking the cycle of poverty that has been going on for generations.


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