A Prayer of Commission


I commission you to be an invitation,
inviting people into your messy homes, lives and hearts.
I pray that when you are tired, broken and bored
that the God of comfort would give you the strength
to be a safe harbor, to anchor the weight of injustice.

I commission you to live a life that leaves a mark,
marking your community with prayer, service and generosity.
I pray that the God of hope would give you the eyes
to see the brokenness around you,
and the tools to become an agent of change.

I commission you to be a beacon of hope,
for those whose lives have been devastated by
violence, suffering and loss.
I pray that the God of healing will use
your sacrifice to restore his Kingdom.

I commission you into transformational living,
where your actions, words, and deeds are intentional,
where acts of kindness, words of hope and
strategic ministry become habitual.
I pray that the God of power will gift you
with supernatural wisdom and abilities
so that you can walk in faith,
into any situation fully equipped.

I commission you to be a bridge,
bridging the gap between race,
gender, age and religion.
I pray that the God of all creation
will give you the knowledge and understanding
to become a person of reconciliation,
binding the wounds of hatred and greed.

I call you to Joy, in the midst of suffering.
I call you to Hope, in the face of brutality.
I call you to Faith, in the valley of death.
I call you to Love, in the name of Jesus.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Daleen Ward joined CRM in 1995, serving in her home country of South Africa. She and her husband, Bryan, now live in St. Paul, Minnesota, where they walk alongside leaders who are serving in ministry beyond the bounds of traditional church.