Active Listening: Inviting the Spirit to Speak [E-Book]


“What can you do to better hear God’s voice during this season?”

All too often I find myself sitting across the table from a future missionary with CRM, and I hear myself asking this very question—usually to an onlooking expression half-filled with curiosity and half-contorted in bewilderment.

In my role with CRM, I regularly coach leaders through a process of clarifying their calling—helping them intentionally listen to God, increasing their awareness of what he is inviting them to do, and then empowering them to take action on what they’ve heard. Inevitably I begin these coaching sessions with a discussion around how they hear from God.

As I talk with these leaders and other followers of Jesus, I’m always amazed at how small we see our role in hearing from him. Often when waiting on God to speak, we feel powerless and paralyzed—incapable of moving forward until the clouds part and we receive divine inspiration from above.

But what if there is more we can do to play an active part in hearing God’s voice? I’m convinced hearing Jesus is more than just waiting. It also involves learning practices we can regularly use to intentionally listen to his voice. What freedom it brings when we are given permission to stop waiting and start pursuing the words of Jesus we desperately long to hear.

Here are three simple practices anyone can use to actively listen to Jesus…

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Download Active Listening:  Inviting the  Spirit to Speak, a short  e-book that describes each practice in greater detail and will guide you in specific ways to actively listen to Jesus. 


Joshua Marino leads CRM’s recruiting and mobilization efforts—helping emerging leaders discern their calling and activating them into the mission of God around the globe. Joshua and his wife Christy have served with CRM since 2009 and live in Brea, California, with their two daughters, Joy and Grace.